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Writer & Director: David G. Kuskie (OFFICIAL WEBSITE) (IMDB)

David Kuskie is from a small town in Western Nebraska. His interest in film developed at an early age. Two important events in his young life were receiving a Talkboy for Christmas and his parents getting a video camera. The Talkboy allowed him to make his own radio shows, and the video camera allowed him to start making movies.
He started singing and acting in church and school productions at an early age.
In high school, Kuskie was approached to program the school's public access channel. This eventually led to employment with the local radio station.
At the radio station, he was a part-time board operator. His responsibilities included running the board during live remote broadcasts, djing, and so forth.
Kuskie was heavily involved in speech, drama, and choir through the school and the community during his high school years.
After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Navy for six years as an Electrician's Mate. Kuskie was able to see many unique locations including countries in the Caribbean, South America, and Asia. He served onboard the USS George Washington and lived in Japan for two years.
Following his Naval commitments, he returned to radio and community theatre for a year. He worked as a Production Assistant with duties including writing, recording, editing, and producing commercials. He became the President of the Main Street Players community theatre organization and performed in productions ranging from Shakespeare to "The Odd Couple" and "A Christmas Story." He made his stage-directing debut with "The Odd Couple" (in which he also played the role of Oscar Madison).
He started volunteering at film festivals at the 2010 Cheyenne International Film Festival where he was a digital projectionist.
At the 2012 Love Your Shorts Film Festival Kuskie, who was volunteering as a digital projectionist once again, came up with the idea of making a documentary about the festival. He wrote the concept and treatment for the documentary as well as directed it.
Kuskie has since gone on to direct a number of short films and a couple of HD television programs. He graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Film in early 2013 and has plans to attend the New York Film Academy to obtain an MFA in Acting for Film.
Producer: Reuben J. Rogak (IMDB)

Reuben J. Rogak is an independent filmmaker who has been working in various positions for the past 10 years. He is originally from Chicago, IL where he attended Northern Illinois University. While there, he was the Vice President of the Student Film and Video Association and regularly ran classes and workshops on things like editing, special effects, cinematography, etc. After he got his undergrad degree in Film and Media Studies, he continued work on various personal film projects and decided to teach future filmmakers. He is currently attending the University of Central Florida completing his MFA in Film and Digital Media. During his time there, he worked as an editor and cameraman for Interactive Expeditions on their trip to India broadcasting a live, interactive class to students all over the world. He is also working for Full Sail University as a teacher/producer for Documentary Film Making. In addition, he has been working on the online reality show My Raw Deal for the past two years as the main cameraman and editor.

Unit Production Manager & Camera Operator: Audrianna Verhovec (OFFICIAL WEBSITE) (IMDB)

Audrianna Verhovec was raised in a small country town in Ohio. She was taught while growing up that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. She graduated from Buckeye Local High School in 2008 in the top ten percent with an honors diploma. After a year of classes at a community college, she took some time away from school to truly find herself. During this period of time Audrianna decided to chase her dream even though the thought of it petrified her. Audrianna has always dreamt of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. In June of 2011, she moved to Orlando, Florida to begin her latest journey, film school. She will graduate from Full Sail University in February of 2013.

Director Of Photography & Visual Effects: Taylor G. Hall (IMDB)

Taylor Hall is an aspiring cinematographer and filmmaker originally from Montgomery, Alabama. Following his passion for film, he moved to Orlando, Florida to learn the art and craft of filmmaking. Since that move, he has created several short film projects with his colleagues at filmschool and has worked on many outside projects as well. Taylor continues to hone his craft each day as he applies what he has learned in the classroom to his projects. His primary focus from the beginning has been the visual aspect of filmmaking, and most notably Taylor enjoys experimenting with camera and lighting to tell the story.

Script Supervisor: Jayne Hughes (IMDB)

Jayne Hughes hails from Phildelphia, Pennsylvania and is currently a film student at Full Sail University.

Editor, Visual Effects & Camera Operator: Ashley Kozjek (OFFICIAL WEBSITE) (IMDB)

Hailing from Cleveland, OH, Ashley has always had a passion for the visual arts. With ten years of experience in editing and visual effects, Ashley chose to pursue a film degree to better her craft. Other areas of interest include cinematography and production design. In her free time, she enjoys photography, web/graphic design and illustration.

Camera Operator & Gaffer: Zach Xanders (IMDB)

Hey, my full name is Zachary Alan Xanders but I just go by Zach. I was born on 8-15-1990 in a rural area of Illinois. I attended SIUC (Southern Illinois University of Carbondale) for two years, studied film, before I decided to transfer to Full Sail University. I drew a lot of inspiration through other artists like: David Fincher, Chuck Palahniuk, Andy Warhol, etc. I had one friend, in particular, who would push me to write everyday and made me realize that repetition was the way of learning.

Camera Operator: Stephanie Patenaude (IMDB)

Thus far has worked as :
* director,
* art director,
* camera operator,
* Unit production manager
* Grip
* Varying PA

Plans for the future:
* Moving to Cardiff, Wales to work in television (BBC)
* Working on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
* Writing/ Directing my own feature

Sound: Panagiotis 'Peter' Mendoros (IMDB)

My name is Panagiotis 'Peter' Mendoros and I am an aspiring Greek-American filmmaker from New York City. Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, New York I have a passion for filmmaking and desire to tell my personal story and that of my culture's history through film. I have attended La Guardia Community College for Media Studies, Brooklyn College for Film, and have most recently relocated to Orlando, Florida to pursue a Bachelor's in Film degree at Full Sail University.
During my film career, I have directed, produced, and participated as a crew member on several short films which include digital, Super 8mm, and 16mm productions. I have previously worked as an intern at Queens Public Television and am a certified Producer. My prospects as a filmmaker include screenwriting, documentary, and feature filmmaking.

Composer: Kenard King (IMDB)

Kenard King is an aspiring recording engineer and music producer. He started out playing the recorder and the congos in the 5th grade. Then he went on to the piano and saxophones (Tenor, Alto & Baritone). Playing in his high school's marching band and concert ensemble gave the ablility to improvise music and appreciate music more. By participating in his high school band's activities he became interested in a career within the music and movie industry. "Since I was a child music surrounded me from every corner, my Jamaican heritage also inspired me to pursue a career in the music business." Mr. King's most rememberable parade was the "African American Day Parade" in Harlem, New York. Kenard is 1 out of 5 members of a production team called Tri-Def Productions. They are a group of music producers from Jamaica, whose goal is to create a higher standard of music productions in the island, and eventually the world.